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Penzion Diana
Teplice nad Bečvou 42
753 01 Hranice
Tel: +420 581 608 427


Penzion Diana - Spa Teplice nad Bečvou

Accommodation, Restaurant

Spa Teplice nad Bečvou is one of oldest spa in Moravia. They lies in deep valley of Bečva river in place, where the river broke block of devon calcites in eastern part of Maleník comb in the area of Moravian gate.

The spa utilize of this place has started the owner of Hranice domain Mr. Jan Kropáč from Nevědomí, who let build in the year 1553 stone pool with a roof for swimming and into this pool has managed the most meaty sources of mineral watter.

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Spa has grown until thirty years war, spa activity was interrupt and the operation has started again in the year 1711.

In the year of 1911 Mr. Bláha from Zbrašov has started to think about building Hotel Bláha in these spa. Technical documentation for this building was finished in the year 1925 and the building was finished in the year 1932. The name of this hotel was Hotel Zora Pension.

In the year 1950 this hotel has come from privat owner to the overhead charges of employers from national concern Zora in Olomouc and after privatization in the year of 1990 into ownership of corporation Lázně Teplice nad Bečvou.

From this corporation has the building bought in very ramshackle condition in the year of 2000 Ing. Antonín Stojan. In consequent two years has this building completely restored into todays form and renamed this hotel to the Penzion DIANA in confirmity of the goddess of hunting DIANA.

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We offer:

Comfortable accomodation in spa center Teplice nad Bečvou, where are attended heart diseases, blood-vessel diseases, circulation and moving apparatus diseases.
Accomodation is in single or double rooms with WC, shower and TV.
At disposal are 19 rooms with 36 beds.

Sport activity:
Here is a chance of active rest by tennis, golf, cycling, fitness and tourism.

Culture interests:
Zbrašov aragonit caves, Castle Helfštýn, Depth of Hranice, Museum in nature in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, St. Hostýn church and many others.